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Millions of people all over the world LOVE coffee. We depend on it, look forward to it, even ritualize it. But how many of us actually know anything about it? This is why we have put together the Surf City Coffee College. Check it out, we hope you learn something interesting.

Coffee Basics »

Here you will find fundamental coffee information: The History of Coffee, coffee Bean Basics, From Tree to Trade and Coffee Lingo (coffee terms). A brief History of Coffee is a great place to start learning more. Coffee Bean Basics covers coffee info such as coffee bean storage, coffee growing and coffee types (arabica and robusta). Learn all about gourmet coffee production in From Tree to Trade. There is a whole sub-culture around Coffee and with it comes a unique dialect and redefinition of common words often used in coffee tasting. Coffee Lingo breaks the code.

Tasting » Similar to wine tasting, proper Coffee Tasting (called “coffee cupping”) has special cosiderations and terms to describe the experience. During coffee tasting, coffees are typically described using a wide variety of terms, but the most important are Aroma, Acitity, Body and Flavor.

Brewing Techniques » Learn the intracacies of brewing good coffee. Brewing perfect coffee is accomplished through a series of steps that begin with high quality whole bean coffee. Equally important are the proper roasting, storing, grinding and Coffee Brewing Techniques. Anyone can brew good coffee. Here are some coffee brewing hints and tips to get you started.


After quality coffee beans are obtained, the most important phase of the production of gourmet coffee begins — the Coffee Roasting. Learn more about the coffee roasting process and how you can roast your own coffee beans at home.

Coffee Profiles
Not sure which coffee to purchase? Check out our Coffee Profiles section where we have provided some simple guides to buying just the right coffee for any occasion.

Community Involvement & Fund Raising Ideas
We are very involved in local community activities that support education, local sports, and youth programs. We want to help you with unique and successful fundraising ideas.

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